Work with me

by Molnár-Papp Orsolya Anna
Work with me

Thank You for Your interest in working with me!

I’m excited to work with brands which are fit well with my Blog and my Audience. I offer several opportunities to establish a partnership.

Please note, that just like most people, I rely on my income too.
Therefore, I am unable to accept products, shout-outs, social media share as payment, nor will I work for free.
I assume you understand and respect it, as you are not working or giving your products and services for free either. I am also sure that you have the budget for the project, so do I a reasonable rate we can work with!

If you’re interested in work with me, contact me: Anna (at) AnnaCanDoIt (dot) Com


  • Sponsored Posts:
    I would love to develop a recipe using Your product (tool, ingredient, etc.) and feature it in a sponsored post on my Blog!
  • Product Reviews:
    I love promoting products I believe in, whether it’s a kitchen tool, ingredient, cookbook or other product. I will always provide an honest opinion to my readers!
  • Giveaways + Product Review:
    Do You have a product that You think my readers will love? I can create a review or a recipe and a giveaway for  Your products on Anna Can Do It!
  • Brand & Product Ambassador:
    I love promoting brands and products that I am passionate about. I am available to represent Your brand on an ongoing basis. This can be done through sponsored post series, giveaways, and reviews, social media shout-outs, etc.
  • Guest posts/infographics: I do not accept guest posts or infographics at the moment.

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