About me

by Molnár-Papp Orsolya Anna
About me

Hi, I’m Anna! Welcome to my Blog!

I’m here to inspire and get inspired.

I’m • 29 • 🇭🇺 based • Food & Lifestyle Blogger • Bookworm • Tea Lover • Cat Owner  • Working on my Happily Ever After

Anna Can Do It!

Hopefully, you can visit this blog as a virtual coffee shop, where you can take a seat in a cozy armchair. Where you can sip your favorite drink and have a great meal, listen to your favorite music. Or maybe just reading and collecting ideas about food and drink recipes.
Furthermore, chatting about everyday things, about cooking and baking, success and failure, in addition to ideas and questions.

So take a seat and let’s have fun!

Who is this site for?

If you look for delicious, mostly quick, simple and easy recipes (either to try them out, or just collecting ideas and inspiration) which are sometimes healthy, sometimes not-so-healthy, and if you don’t mind to have a glimpse of some moments of my life like holidays, pets, and workout posts, you are in the right place!

Back to the beginning:

I was born on 8th October 1990 in Hungary and I still live here.

I’ve always been creative, stubborn, bossy, a leader and organizer type of person, struggling with my self-esteem.

I’ve fallen in love with cooking and baking as a teenager. It helped me through stressful times and anxiety, while I was getting better and better at cooking and managing stress.

At the age of 16, I met my now-husband, Laci and we’re together since 08.05.2007. Engaged since 12.26.2010. Married since 08.08.2018.

At the Szent István University, I’ve graduated and got a degree in Economist in Tourism and Catering and Specialized in Conference and Event Planning. Also, I’ve just fulfilled the academic requirements of the University of Debrecen and now qualified as an Economist Assistant in Business Administration and Management Specialized in Small and Medium Enterprises with a Good grade of the diploma! In the meanwhile, I’m the school secretary at the elementary school I was in as a kid in my hometown and working with my mother and my husband.

Creating ‘Anna Can Do It!’:

Long before I started this blog I’ve been thinking about a place where I find inspiration, where I can inspire others, where I can share my everyday problems, happiness and something that keep me going.

Well, after a few weeks of preparation and searching on Pinterest, on the 20th of February, 2014, I launched the Blog.

Almost 2 years after I launched my blog, and after many moving, finally I landed here, on wordpress.org. Now I’m owning my blog completely and I couldn’t be any happier with it. This was one of the best decisions in my life. I love my blog, I’m proud of it and constantly working on to make it better.

When I was thinking about the name of the Blog I tried to find something timeless, something that will fit years later too and as I mentioned before, something that keeps me going, I have to reassure myself from time to time that I can do what I want to do. That’s how I choose ‘Anna Can Do It!’.

© Anna Can Do It!

The logo of Anna Can Do It! is a hand-drawn magnolia flower. Magnolia usually represents beauty, joy, endurance, purity, and health.

About the Blog:

Just like everyone else, I need simple, quick, filling and delicious recipes, without much mess. Besides the everyday dinner cooking, I love to do experiments in the kitchen, love to try out new recipes, new ingredients, new ways to cook the meals I put on the family table. I won’t lie, the result is not always edible, but I think that’s the point of trying, you learn from your mistakes; sometimes the mistake’s result an even better dish than you originally planned!

So if you need simple, delightful recipes, workout inspiration or read someone who probably understands your everyday problems, kitchen and workout fails, you’re at the right place!

Fun facts:

  • My full name is Molnár-Papp Orsolya Anna. Anna is my middle name, and my first name is Orsolya, but since it’s harder to say and remember for those who are not Hungarian, I decided on Anna here.
  • I have hazel eyes and after many years of dying my hair, I’m back to my original brown hair color.
  • Mostly I’m a lemonade/citrus water lover. Otherwise a tea drinker, my favorite is the lemon-flavored black tea. For coffee, I love coffee latte macchiatos. For alcohol (rarely) I prefer a refreshing cider.
  • Also, I’m a bookworm! Fan of the badass Grim Reaper/Private Investigator/God, Charley Davidson. Proud Slytherin.
  • I’m a Pinterest addicted.
  • I’m allergic to dust, mold, feathers and dog’s fur.
  • I hate dill and foods with dill, but I love dill pickles. I’m weird, I know.

For recipes and more, visit the ‘Home‘ and the ‘Recipe Index‘ pages!

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